Mount Si Lacrosse Club serves youth and high school lacrosse players in the Snoqualmie Valley.


Mount Si Lacrosse Club policies (.pdf)

Update to the Tournament Team Policy

Due to feedback and requests for clarification from the Mount Si Lacrosse Club parent community, the Mount Si Lacrosse Club Board has reviewed, clarified, and approved the following Tournament Team Policy to provide consistency across all levels of our program.

Tournament Team Policy

The Mount Si Lacrosse Club Tournament Teams will be selected based on regular season player performance and skills assessment.

  • Tournament Team Players – Mount Si Lacrosse Club Coaches will select 19-20 Tournament Team Players
  • Alternate Tournament Team Players – Coaches will also select 5-6 Alternates who can practice and will have a chance to fill in for scheduling conflicts or injury of Tournament Team Players
  • Coaches will stack rank Alternates by performance and skills assessment.
  • Coaches will ask Alternates in order of rank to play in a tournament for a Tournament Team Player who has conflict.
  • Alternate Players will be invited to all-Tournament Team practices providing a great opportunity for continued development of their game.
  • Alternate players have a choice if they would like to participate.
  • There will be no fee charged directly to Alternate players from Mount Si Lacrosse Club but these players will still need to registered as an “Alternate – Practice Only” tournament team player through Mount Si Lacrosse Club registration process.
  • Tournament Team Players who are selected and accept the invitation to play are responsible for all tournament fees, regardless of whether they will play in all or some of the games.
  • Once selected for the team, Tournament Team Players must be transparent and let coaches know of any scheduling conflicts ASAP due to other sports commitments, school activity conflicts, family commitments, vacations plans, or personal/religious (Sunday) conflicts.  Alternate players may also be asked to participate in tournament games due to Tournament Team Player injury at the discretion of coach.
  • Missed Tournament Team practices from Tournament Team Players or Alternates will result in reduced playing time during tournament games and will be determined by coaches.
  • Tournament Team Players are responsible for collecting reimbursement from the Alternate player’s family, facilitated by the coach.
  • Reimbursement will be a flat fee based on the average cost of all the tournaments.
  • For example, if the full tournament fee is $160 for four tournaments, then each tournament fee is $40. In this situation, the parents of the Tournament Team Player may also chose not to recoup or Alternates may get “sponsored” as a result.
  • If the family of a Tournament Team Player is unwilling to pay the full price for all tournaments, they can choose not to participate.
  • Alternate Players can also choose to not participate if they are not willing to pay Tournament Team Player upon their request for reimbursement.